WorkingWell stands for successful, motivated and happy employees and businesses.

In the complexity of today’s working environment and the changes within workplaces we are experts for health and productiveness.

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WorkingWell for Businesses –

Coaching, Training and Concepts

Employee Assistance Programm

One of WorkingWell’s main expertise is our support of businesses, their management and employees in various questions regarding leadership, health and handling difficult situations and conflict. We offer low-threshold service, fast, confidential and we can react to emergencies and therefore keep employees healthy and motivated.

Dealing with Stress – Health and work

We counsel, coach and train line managers and employees in questions related to their work day when they encounter difficulties, meet stress and pressure or when they come back to work after longer illness or burnout as well as in dealing with conflict. We offer professional support in all topics related to resilience, health and good and successful work place.


We have the expertise to support senior management and executives in their work for the company and for the best cooperation and communication with their employees. For senior management we offer consulting, conceptual work and trainings as well as team building.


Managers create inspiration and the company’s future. They support the development of your business and set goals for your employees. They have a major responsibility in the development of the company and its employees. We support managers of all levels in their daily work and challenges.

Dealing with difficult situations and change

In exceptional situations and change projects we can add professional help for your company and employees; interventions are possible short notice and for management, teams and individuals.

Benefit from our outside view

WorkingWell works with professional and experienced coaches and trainers. We will offer tailormade and coordinated products for your company and employees. Your requirements are at the center of our proposal.

WorkingWell for Individuals –

Coaching and Counselling

Career counselling and job seeking

If you are in the situation where you are looking for new challenges or a new job, if you need support in preparing your CVor a job interview, it is sometimes helpful to find some support. You can find answers to questions like: Where do I stand right now? What are my professional possibilities? What are my goals and how do I get there?

Selbstmanagement – Work and Health

„Don’t work hard – work smart“!

Time and self management helps you to cope with today’s callenges in your job and work place. It is important to prioritise, to react resiliently in change and stay healthy.


We coach and support line managers in difficult situations and change. We can also counsel you when you start a new job or get a promotion into a new work surrounding. WorkingWell work confidentially and offer practical and down to earth solutions.

Qualification and academic career

We are very experienced in the support of qualified individuals in their qualification and planing of their academic career. Do you have questions relating to the planing and organisation of your thesis or your steps after the exam? WorkingWell can accompany you to stay motivated, chose your next steps and organising time.

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